Used cranes from TADANO: a viable alternative to new machines!

Thanks to our decades of experience in repairing and preparing mobile cranes, used cranes from TADANO – be they our own makes or from another manufacturer – can be a viable alternative to new machines.

With our range of services that are specially tailored to your requirements, you have the option of determining the standard of your used crane yourself. Our extremely well-trained service staff coordinate and render the range of services you've chosen, up to a complete crane overhaul. The complete overhaul doesn't just have to involve the technically required tests and approvals, but it can also include expert painting of the used crane in your company colours and high-quality attachment of your logotype. With our long-standing transport partners, if you'd like we also provide support in transporting your "new" used machine to your company premises, regardless of where they're located.

As the safety of the people working with our cranes on a day-to-day basis is extremely important to us, your staff also receive in-depth instruction from our expert delivery team when you purchase a used crane from our company. In this way, we ensure that your staff can be sufficiently familiarised with the "new" crane before they use it for the first time and potential operating errors are thus reduced to a minimum.

We would be happy to provide you with extensive advice if you're interested in our used cranes. We look forward to receiving your call or letter.

Our current product range

Z0090 Komatsu LW100

Z0090 Komatsu LW100

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Max. Lifting Capacity: 10t

Boom Length: 21.5m

Max. Hook height: 23m

Max. radius: 21m

Manufacturer: Komatsu

Type: LW100

Year of Production: 1997

Location: W.A

Z0075 GTC-400EX

Z0075 GTC-400EX

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Max. Lifting Capacity: 40 tonne

Boom Length: Min 10.4 Max 32m

Max. Hook height:

Max. radius:

Manufacturer: Tadano Mantis

Type: Crawler

Year of Production: 2014

Location: NSW



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Max. Lifting Capacity: 70t

Boom Length: Min 11.5m - Max 44m

Max. Hook height: 44.3m main 61.9m Fly

Max. radius: 32m on main 43m on Fly

Manufacturer: Tadano

Type: GR-700EX

Year of Production: 2007

Location: WA

Z0033 TR160M-3

Z0033 TR160M-3

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Max. Lifting Capacity: 16 T

Boom Length: 27.5m

Max. Hook height: Boom 27.8m Jib 31.2m

Max. radius: Boom 24.0 Jib 26.1m

Manufacturer: Tadano

Type: TR160M-3

Year of Production: 2004

Location: Brisbane